Injectable Treatments

Injectable Treatments

Learn more about injectables, dermal fillers, and collagen injections.

At Diamond Laser Medispa we are very pleased to offer these professional appearance medicine services.

Brandy, our injectables nurse, has over 10 years of experience in the appearance medicine industry, working as a treatment provider, an injectables & laser trainer of Registered Nurses and as a clinical consultant.

She is passionate about self-positivity. She believes that beauty exists at every age and aims to make people feel like the best versions of themselves.

She has had the honor to work with a wide range of clients in her experience, including people from a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs. She seek to find the most appropriate and acceptable options for each individual and work in partnership to create a treatment plan that will help them achieve their goals. 

  • CANNZ Steering Committee and CANNZ Accredited

  • EverYoung Training Academy Tutor

  • CosmeticAid Support Team

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • MERZ Trainer

  • MBBS Oceania University of Medicine (Medical Degree)

  • Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Chico

What do you need?

Injectables – Relax muscles and frown lines
Dermal Fillers – Lift lines; create volume in the mid-face (cheek) area; re-shape facial contours


Treatment prices vary, ask your Beauty Therapist on consultation.

Treatment Price
ConsultationBotox/Filler/Threads FREE Book Online
Muscle Relaxing Injections - FrownStarting from $ 320.00 Book Online
Muscle relaxing Injections - ForeheadStarting from $ 160.00 Book Online
Muscle Relaxing Injection - CrowsStarting from $ 256.00 Book Online
Botox review FREE Book Online
Dermal Filler - LipsStarting from $ 650.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - CheeksStarting from $ 1,400.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - JawlineStarting from $ 1,400.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - ChinStarting from $ 650.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - Nasolabial foldsStarting from $ 650.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - Upper lips linesStarting from $ 650.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - MarionetteStarting from $ 650.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - TemplesStarting from $ 1,300.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - Ear Lobes $ 650.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler - HandsStarting from $ 1,300.00 Book Online
Dermal Filler Review FREE Book Online
Threads - Mechanical LiftStarting from $ 1,200.00 Book Online
Threads - Collagen Induced Mono ThreadsStarting from $ 600.00 Book Online
Threads Review FREE Book Online
Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster - Face or Neck or DécolletageRevive/Radiesse/Profhilo Per Session $ 750.00 Book Online