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Do you dread bathing suit season..?


This would be the only part of the summer months we dislike, in the beginning many of us have a slight winter coat and have skin so white that it is almost translucent, this alone spells disaster for any wobbly bits..!!

So you start researching for spray tan specialists, you have to have full confidence in your chosen clinic as you do not want to resemble a carrot.

You walk in and have a young lady standing there giving you the instructions on what not to wear, slight fear starts to creep in as you stand there naked and covered in goosebumps which alone is adding to the dimples already on your body. The machine starts up and this gorgeous young fit looking therapist begins talking you through different poses, arm out here, point your foot, dinosaur fingers, lift your boobs up, oh the humiliation…!!!!

So why would anyone want to put themselves through this torture..? Let me tell you why…..

No sweaty beaches, no sunburn, no sand in places you want to forget but last but not least, tanned fat always looks better then white fat.. true story and I tell myself that every time I have a spray tan.

Because not only does it make you look better, it somehow makes you feel better..!!!

So remember to take the before and after tan instructions seriously, this will ensure even tans that are perfect to see you through the awkward start of your summer weeks.


At Diamond Laser Medispa we have a team of tanning specialists, ones that all have their own demons when it comes to getting tanned, so you can put your mind at ease knowing that the therapist spraying you has been in your shoes and will make you feel comfortable and leave feeling on top of the world.

Call Diamond Laser medispa today or click (here) to book your pre summer tan.


Diamonds xx

Posted by on December 1, 2017