Pigmentation? Discover the Power of a Peel

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While freckles can look cute, years of cumulative sun damage can mean our skin looks patchy and prematurely aged, not to mention it can put some of us off confidently going makeup-free. In fact, a study published in Evolution and Human Behaviour found that brown spots and pigmentation can make your skin look even older than wrinkles do! So, is it really possible to achieve a more even skin tone and reduce the look of sun damage? We delve into one of our favourite treatments, the O Cosmedics PDP Peel, along with the at-home skincare products to reduce pigmentation and get your radiance back.

What is pigmentation and how does it happen?

Most pigmentation is caused by the sun, which creates a reaction in our melanin cells. Sun exposure causes these cells to go into overdrive, producing dark pigment to protect our skin, and resulting in spots, moles, freckles and dark patches. Pigmentation can start appearing in our teens or 20s, and can be worsened with hormonal changes (especially during pregnancy), due to genetics and on scarred skin.

What is an O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Peel?

O Cosmedics is a professional, active skin treatment and skincare brand, used exclusively in clinics with trained skin specialists. The bespoke peel treatments work to transform the complexion and achieve cell optimisation, using a combination of natural fruit extracts and pure, medical strength actives, all set in biomimetic carriers (meaning the product base imitates the skin – so your skin actually knows what to do with it). The goal is to tackle skin issues including pigmentation to create a clearer, brighter and more even skin tone, with six different peel strength levels available. Your skin therapist will work with you to decide which level is best, usually starting out with a more gentle peel and building up your treatment strength over a few months.

How can O Cosmedics PDP Peels help with pigmentation?

A six-week power peel skin plan will allow progressive (not aggressive!) results for skins with pigmentation, which can include freckles, sun spots and dark patches. The O-Bright Peel Protocol ensures each treatment gently rejuvenates, brightens and soothes the skin, infusing it with restoring actives to correct the skin as a long-term solution, rather than damaging the integrity of the skin like some aggressive peels do. This cumulative process will help achieve a more radiant, clearer complexion with visibly reduced pigmentation. Your therapist will likely use a combination of peel types over a few months, including the Oxygenating Enzyme Peel, Bio-White Peptide Peel, Catalyst Retinol Peel and Alpha Beta Peel.

Which at-home skincare products will help to reduce my pigmentation?

For maximum results, using the right skincare at home will help reduce signs of sun damage, as well as prevent further pigmentation. Your skin therapist will help you work out the best routine for your unique skin type, however an active serum such as the O Cosmedics Concentrated Brightening Serum, Dp Dermaceuticals Brite Lite or Ginger&Me Flash White Even-Skin Booster will work to reduce dark spots as well as sedating excess pigment formation for long-lasting results. In addition to this, you want to ensure you’re wearing a mineral SPF30+ sunscreen to help prevent pigmentation from returning (or worsening), such as O Cosmedics Mineral Pro or Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted Moistursing Sunscreen, both of which use 20% zinc oxide to shield the skin from sun damage.

Posted by on September 8, 2021