Permanent Eyeliner

Custom Eyeliner Procedures

Diamond Laser Medispa Cosmetic Tattooing is one of the most unique salons in Taupo. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere mixed with the exceptional customer service set it above your average clinic.

Diamonds Cosmetic Tattoo artists will create beautiful Custom Eyeliner Enhancements on demand.

You will expect to get 2 years out of this treatment or more. If you are wanting to create a gorgeous eyeliner enhancement, Diamonds Cosmetic Tattoo artists will change your face with one of their specialized techniques! — You are safe in their artistic hands.


A real time saver with beautiful results is an exact smudge-free contour line on the upper and lower eyelids that highlight and strengthen your look. We are extremely passionate about creating realistic semi-permanent tattooing that enhance your natural look. We will customize the right shade and eyeliner shape for you, using a range of high quality hypoallergenic permanent makeup pigments and sterilized needle sizes.

The eyes are the most compelling part of the face, enhance the shape of your eyes with a permanent upper and/or lower eye line. Whether you are after something natural to simply define your eyes or a more dramatic look, permanent make up is the perfect solution.


Making your eyes look more expressive.

Darkening and emphasizing the lash line.

Improving the appearance of droopy eyes.

Finds it difficult to apply
make up due to poor
eyesight or unsteady hands

We start your treatment with a consultation to find out your individual needs. We then go over the many designs, colours and shapes available, plus your underlying skin tone to determine the final colour. Choose from lash line enhancement, eyeliner, and designer eyeliner. You’ll be able to discuss these options with your therapist during the consultation and we will advise on the best technique to achieve your desired look. All eyeliner procedures are not considered finished until your second session (perfecting procedure) is complete.


The most natural, subtle eyeliner technique, where pigment is subtly applied to the lash line by adding colour amongst the lashes you already have to create the illusion that the lashes are thicker and darker. This can be done as a definite line (lasts longer) or a soft shadow. This suits anyone who wants a more natural appearance, but eyeliner pencil/pen will still have to be used to create more ‘make up’ looks. This technique can be applied to the upper or lower lash line, however please note an upper lash line procedure is usually thicker in comparison because there are more lashes to cover.


Please refer to the description of ‘Upper Lash Line’. This technique can be applied to the upper or lower lash line, however please note a lower lash line contains fewer eyelashes, hence the result will be a finer line. We begin the procedure always at the last lash (outer corner of the eye) but it depends on a clients wishes and eye shape to whether we tattoo the full length to the first lash (inner corner of the eye) or taper the eyeliner a little sooner and stop at 3/4.


This is two procedures in one session where we perform a natural upper lash line and lower lash line enhancement. There is the option to go thicker with the top line upon your request is to the upper eyeliner – visible. Most clients do prefer having a cohesive look with both upper and lower eyeliner procedures, however it does depend on the individuals preference and eye shape to what we recommend.

Please note that during this procedure we do not tattoo the outer corner of your eye (to connect the upper eyeliner to the lower eyeliner) due to the risk of migration.


Using a fresh Q-Tip, apply a light coat of Vaseline to the tattooed area twice a day. Keeping the area moist during the first 5-7 days will help the tattooed area hold colour and heal evenly. It is normal for the pigment to fade 30-50% within the first two weeks.

Do not touch the tattooed area with your fingers. This increases your risk of infection.

Do not rub or scratch your eyes. This increases your risk of a corneal abrasion.

If you should experience swelling, an ice pack may be applied using a thin protective barrier such as a paper towel. Icing is most effective in the first 24 hours following the procedure. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated can also reduce any residual swelling.

Do not apply makeup or mascara on or near the tattooed area for 7 days. Purchase new makeup or mascara to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.

Do not scrub or pick at the tattooed area. Doing so can cause the pigment underneath to be pulled out. Allow the epithelial skin to flake off by itself.

Do not use makeup remover or creams and avoid pools and hot tubs for two weeks.

With freshly washed hands, you may gently cleanse the eye area with tepid water. Avoid cleansers, soap and washcloths.

Do not wear contact lenses for 72 hours following the procedure. If possible, use a new pair.

Sunglasses are recommended to protect the eyes when outside.

Please notify your therapist, immediately should you experience any of the following symptoms: redness in or around the eye, matting or drainage, pain that becomes increasingly worse, difficulty keeping your eyes open, sensitivity to light.

Remember to schedule a touch up appointment within 1-3 months to avoid paying an additional touch-up fee.

Please call with ANY questions or concerns.

Eyeliner Tattooing
Treatment Price
Upper Eye-Lining 1st Applicationcan be a thicker line or cat flick design $ 242.00 Book Online
Upper Eye-Lining 2nd Application $ 242.00 Book Online
Upper & Lower Eye-Lining 1st Application $ 392.00 Book Online
Upper & Lower Eye-Lining 2nd Application $ 242.00 Book Online