Male Treatments


Diamond Laser Medispa is especially comfortable for male clients. We have a gender-neutral design and a “non frilly fix-it” approach, and all of our therapists are female.


The actual process of waxing can take less time than shaving and can last for weeks. The wax will also exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. We offer Male Brazillians, arm, chest, back and leg waxing services, and provide a completely discreet and professional service.

Before we wax it is important for us to know of any medications that you are taking and/or any skin products that you are using. This can ensure a safe and successful waxing experience.

Guys – do not be afraid! We have a large male clientele who rebook with us each month. Our team is super professional and we are all expert waxers. We’ll make sure you are comfortable and given all the relevant after-wax advice.  Whether you’re a first time salon visitor or a regular groomer, we’ll take good care of you and make sure you are put at ease.

For many people PRICE seems to be more important than great service and outstanding hygiene. Now you can have both.
Diamond Laser Medispa offers very competitive waxing pricing and still provides the top quality service for which we are famous.

Male Brazillians – Selected therapists, please call to book.

Treatment Price
Wax Male 1/2 Arms $ 45.00 Book Online
Wax Male 1/2 Legs $ 45.00 Book Online
Wax Male Back $ 50.00 Book Online
Wax Male Back And Shoulders $ 65.00 Book Online
Wax Male Buttocks $ 40.00 Book Online
Wax Male Chest $ 50.00 Book Online
Wax Male Chest And Stomach $ 65.00 Book Online
Wax Male Chest Full Back And Stomach $ 120.00 Book Online
Wax Male Ears $ 20.00 Book Online
Wax Male Full Legs $ 75.00 Book Online
Wax Male Nape Of Neck $ 20.00 Book Online
Wax Male Nose And Ears, Eyebrows $ 60.00 Book Online
Wax Male Shoulders $ 35.00 Book Online
Wax Male Speedo $ 40.00 Book Online
Laser Hair Removal
Treatment Price
ConsultationApprox 20 to 30 minutes FREE Book Online
Back Of Neck $ 75.00 Book Online
Full Back $ 250.00 Book Online
Full Front $ 250.00 Book Online
Full Back & Shoulders $ 295.00 Book Online
Full Front & Shoulders $ 295.00 Book Online
Shoulders Only $ 45.00 Book Online
Chest Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Stomach Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Upper Back Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Lower Back Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Speedo $ 100.00 Book Online
Brazilian Front $ 250.00 Book Online
Brazilian Back $ 75.00 Book Online
Buttocks $ 120.00 Book Online
Full Legs $ 450.00 Book Online
Full Arms $ 200.00 Book Online
Spot Treatment $ 60.00 Book Online
ShaveIf area is not shaved before treatment we will shave to get correct length for laser $ 20.00 Book Online
Treatment Price
Medical Pedicure $ 110.00 Book Online
Spray Tan
Treatment Price
Full Body $ 55.00 Book Online