The Ingredient Difference

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The ingredient difference

Ever wondered what the difference between different product brands were? This blog talks about the different types of products and what they do in or on the skin.


Lets start with “Cosmetic” with a T

Cosmetic brands: These are typically found in supermarket’s and a self service environment. Your smell good and feels good on the skin product. These product’s have beautiful packaging and advertising. They tend to be French, organic and luxury brands. These brands work on the upper layers of skin meaning they will not have any massive change or impact on the skin.

Next is your Cosmectical (pharmaceutical) brands. Generally these brands are fragrance and paraben free. Have clinically proven ingredients. Penetrate deeper in to the skin and have 50 – 60% active ingredients. They work in the skin not on the skin.

Then we have our “Cosmedical” with a “D” medical strength brands.

These brands you cant just pick up off the shelf a professional will look at your skin and make recommendations on what would be best for your unique skin.  Cosmedical brands have functional actives up to 70-80% of active ingredients. They have biomimetic delivery systems meaning the skin is able to recognize the ingredient’s and transport the active’s deeper into the layers of the skin. These brands penetrate the papillary dermis which is the deepest layer of the skin. This having an actual change and action in the skin giving the skin visible results.  Cosmedical brands which I spoke about above also have an extensive list of harmful and controversial ingredients that Cosmedical brands don’t use.

So now that we understand the different types of brands it gives us a better understanding of what the difference actually is. For example a supermarket anti ageing brand and a Cosmedical anti ageing brands they are clearly different in price but the actual level of ingredients is the biggest difference. Cosmedical brand’s ( supermarket brands/ Pharmacy brands) spend more time investing in marketing and mass production than the actual science behind making a product that is active enough to get results. Also when a product is not prescribed it can not be legally active enough to cause change on a mass production scale. The higher the active ingredients the better skin result which is why you should choose a professional brand like a Cosmedical Brand.

So before you purchase your next skincare product be sure to do some research and look into ingredients and the level of actives and how it is delivered into the skin. The more active the product is the better results your skin will have and the more change you’ll see from using functional actives.

You can be sure that all the products at Diamond Laser Medispa are carefully researched for your benefit. All our therapists receive regular on going training on all our brands so you receive the best possible treatments and results.

Written for you by Meredith Wotherspoon


Posted by on April 8, 2020