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Product of the month..!

Tuscan Tan is now available at Diamond Laser..!

Tuscan Tan eliminates any orange undertones commonly associated with fake tan, it adapts to any skin type and any depth of colour can be achieved,                     from lightly sun kissed to the deepest of tans.

Not only do you get the best colour for you, you also have longevity with Tuscan tan giving you 7 days of amazing colour before the tan evenly fades to further enhance an impression of an all natural sun tan.

Normally we only promote one product a month, but a are so excited about this range that we are letting everyone know about it.!

Along with the in salon spray tan, we also offer you retail products to take home and use whenever needed, this makes home tanning cost effective and convenient.

Every product in this stunning range gives you the utmost confidence to give you a flawless self tan at home, whether it be a light weight mousse to give you a rich dark tan or a gradual tanning lotion for that sun kissed glow, you are certain to find the ideal tanning product with Tuscan Tan.

Within this range, we have exfoliating gloves, application mitts, pre tan scrubs, tanning products as a gel, mousse and milk, but it continues also into PH balanced post tan body wash and tan extending moisturizer so what more could you want or need..!

For more information, pop into the clinic and talk with one of our girls about what products are best suited for you.


Posted by on July 1, 2018