June Blog – Winter blues?

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With the colder months in full swing and Spring a way off yet, it can be difficult to stay upbeat and motivated at the beginning of a new cold season as many of us are feeling the pinch that Winter can instill.

Winter marks the beginning of a noticeable downward shift in mood for a lot of people, me being one of them, its safe to say I am not the ski bunny type, never really liked the idea of spending the day cold and wet and calling it fun, however those I know that head up the mountain love it and I am happy for them….. really.

This shift in mood can certainly be quite normal. In fact, it’s extremely common to feel a little flat at the thought of having to trade the sunshine with staying indoors all rugged up. And let’s face it, in New Zealand our culture is all about enjoying the “outdoors”.

It’s easy to want to hole up in your house watching Netflix (at least it’s easy for me). While Netflix is a great, great thing, it is important to stay motivated during colder months.

If you feel sad and lethargic during the shortest days of the year, you may have winter blues.

Typical signs of winter blues include craving carbohydrates, sleeping more than usual, and having little motivation.

So how can we embrace the positive in these darkest months of the year, and best see ourselves through to brighter days?

:Light up your life – get outside as much as possible and expose yourself to natural light, Vitamin D does amazing things for our moods.

:Stay active – I know it can be hard to find the motivation, however exercise can do wonders for your mood, you just have to take the first step.

:Laugh more often – The best medicine

:Clear your clutter – One of the best feelings is knowing you have de-cluttered your home..!! start small, I begun in my pantry and my god it felt amazing, my ocd kicked in meaning a few trips to town for matching containers for flour, sugar etc.. Next step…. The office.

:Play music – Loud, and you start dancing just go with it.

:Plan ahead- Book in a night to have time with the girls, red wine and a good curry on a cold night is my idea of perfection.

:Plan a trip – nothing beats getting away to somewhere warm to escape the colder more grey days then a trip to an island somewhere.

:Step out of your comfort zone – This goes for me also…. Will be planing a trip to the mountain this year.. wish me luck.!

We only have one of us, so make sure you take time out, and if you are feeling like the winter blues are rearing there ugly head, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and put you first..! In no time we will be welcoming the daffodils and seeing the spring lambs bouncing through the paddocks. But remember id you feel like things are really getting you down, it wouldn’t hurt talking to a professional incase things a bit more in depth then just having the winter blues.

So for all of you ski bunnies out there, here is some information just for you….

No two snowflakes are created equal! Although they may look alike as they fall from the sky, the formation process that snowflakes go through causes each of them to have their own unique shape. (you can thank me later)

Diamond x

Posted by on June 1, 2018