January blog – skincare resolutions

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Ok, yes its that time of year again, when many of use start the new year off with a hiss and a roar and go about setting in place new years resolutions..!

I am not afraid to admit how crap I am at keeping these, however this year is going to be different..!!

We have the most amazing products at Diamond Laser Medispa so this year is my year… (hopefully)

1. I Will Wear SPF Everyday


In New Zealand we have the highest rate of melanoma, so this one should be a no brainer..!

Get into the habit of applying SPF anytime you’re going to be outside.

Even on cloudy days.

2. I Will ALWAYS Wash Off My Makeup Before Going to Bed

I know that this can sometimes seem like alot of effort, especially when you are exhausted after a long day, or the kids have been nagging at you constantly, or you have just returned home with afew drinkies under your belt, however this is such an important time to remove all traces of make up..!

The last thing you need while attending summer events and bbqs are clogged pores and spots..!

3. I Will Use the correct Products for My Skin Type

Let us help you to determine the correct skin care needed for your specific skin type, there are an abundence os products out there, but we now have the Observ skin scanner which will give you a skin consultation like no other.

If you’ve been using the same products for ever and find that they’re not working, or your skin isn’t reacting the way it used to, you may be using the wrong products for your skin type.

Our skin is forever changing, whether it be age, pollutants, lifestyle changes, make sure you have the best skin care range for what your skin is requiring to look its utmost best.


4. I Will Exfoliate

Better late than never to start..! However don’t over do it.


5. I Will Moisturise – Even if I Have Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, make sure your hydrator you are using is specifically for oily skin, you do not want to add to your already oily skin by applying a moisturiser that is far to heavy for your skin type.


6. I Will Start Using Eye Cream

When’s the right time to start using eye cream? My hard and fast rule is that if you’re old enough to vote, you’re old enough to use it! The skin around your eyes is so delicate, so remember to apply by dabbing the cream around your eye, not too much pressure and do not drag the skin, we dont want to give any future wrinkles a helping hand.

7. I Will Stop Picking

I understand the temptation to want to get in there and attack a pimple or blemish. But, believe me, you risk doing more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more then attacking an ingrown hair but if done incorrectly you could make it worse or even cause an infection.

8. I Will Stay Hydrated

I must admit I am pretty good at drinking water, but ladies remember now the nights are getting longer and warmer and the odd vino is being consumed, remember it is also extra dehydrating on your body, so keep the water flowing and your skin and body will thank you for it.!

9. I Will Eat Skin-Friendly Foods

I hear dark chocolate is good for you…. sorted

10. I Will Get Good Sleep

Since having my second child I have begun taking magnesium and EFA’s, I have to admit that I am sleeping much better and waking feeling refreshed, even if I am up a couple of times throughout the night.

11. I Will Clean My Makeup Brushes

Breeding ground for bacteria…  this is a must ladies…!

So when making resolutions this year, keep them relevant, keep them achievable and you will be sure to succeed.

Have an amazing new year and all the very best for 2018

Diamond xx

Posted by on January 1, 2018