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2019 Skincare Resolutions you can keep.!

Make 2019 your year to really shine, one way to do this is to take more care of yourself both inside and out. We get so caught up with our busy lives that we simply forget to take a moment to breath and put ourselves first.

So here are afew tips and tricks to think about and put into place for you to kick off 2019 in the best way possible..!

Hydrate your mind body and soul

Something so simple like keeping your fluids up can benefit you in so many ways, your skin is your bodies largest organ, so keep it hydrated and watch your skin glow, always keep a bottle of water near you and sip away throughout the day. Alot of the time we feel hungry is simply your body telling you that it is beginning to get dehydrated.

Be sun smart

New Zealand has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world, protect yourself and always use sunscreen..! Even on a cloudy can you can get burnt, so make it a morning routine to keep covered up and use a daily sunscreen. We have a large range of sunscreens in clinic so pop in and see what is best suited to you and your lifestyle. or click HERE to head to our online shop and view the range.

Daily Vitamins

I am personally crazy for these capsules of goodness..!! I take 3 every morning, cannot remember the last time in the last two years that i have been sick or even had a cold while others around me drop like flies, my energy levels improved within days and i cannot get enough of these, when i am consulting with a client, these are my go to product to combine skincare on the outside with good health on the inside.

Skintrition EFAs Max Complex

EFA’s 1000mg MAX COMPLEX is rich in essential fatty acids promotes general well-being maintains healthy heart and blood vessels increases oxygen in blood cells boosts energy levels improves quality of sleep and promotes brain development. It is a powerful antioxidant that increases hydration to the skin supports healthy skin and hair maintains cell integrity and relieves symptoms of compromised skin. These along with water gives your skin the best start each morning to get though the day ahead.!

Monthly face or body treatments

Whether it is a monthly facial to hydrate your skin, or a treatment to help soften fine lines and wrinkles, a massage or body treatment to help erase body aches and pains, this is what taking time out for yourself is all about, take this time to switch off and make it all about you..! We are constantly putting others first, whether you are married, have children or work long hours, it is so important to make this time and not feel guilty about it. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

Correct Products for My Skin Type

Let us help you to determine the correct skin care needed for your specific skin type, there are an abundence of products out there, but we now have the Observ skin scanner which will give you a skin consultation like no other.

If you’ve been using the same products forever and find that they’re not working, or your skin isn’t reacting the way it used to, you may be using the wrong products for your skin type.

Our skin is forever changing, whether it be age, pollutants, lifestyle changes, make sure you have the best skin care range for what your skin is requiring to look its utmost best. We are here to help you, so reach out and make 2019 the year for the best skin of your life. Results guaranteed when you work with the Diamond team.

Please stay safe this newyear and make 2019  your year to shine xx



Posted by on January 1, 2019